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Emotional Intelligence Card Game

Funny Feeling gameEmotional Intelligence (EQ) is a different form of intelligence than is measured through standard tests like IQ tests and is an aspect of intelligence that isn’t taught by schools, except indirectly.

According to the Dictionary of Psychology published by the Oxford University Press, it is “the ability to monitor one's own and other people's emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior”.

Having a high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is an
indicator of better mental health, stronger friend-
ships and a greater potential for leadership.

Emotion cardA party game for teens and adults called Funny Feeling created by You and Me Games and launching in 2015 is designed for fun, however has a secondary benefit which is that it could help teens and adults to develop their emotional intelligence.


In the game players have to perform actions and say or even sing short phrases and lyrics in a variety of emotions and other players have to guess what the emotion is.  You always have a choice of 9 emotions to choose from and as play develops this helps you to both more accurately mime an emotion others will recognize and to recognize these emotions within others.

The Funny Feeling Party Game also has cards for Roles, where players act like a farmer, teacher, werewolf, etc. which are easier to act than the Feeling cards.

The game also includes Ask cards where instead of miming or singing in a certain emotional style, you instead choose which of the 9 feelings best answers a particular statement, e.g. “Snow makes me …” or
“I would ride an elephant if I was …”

Do card gamesThis could help develop EQ as you have to guess how others would feel in different situations, thus it could be said to be a measure of intelligence.

EQ has gained a lot of press coverage since it was first coined in 1985 and highlights an important weakness in traditional IQ tests (when IQ was first invented it claimed to measure all different aspects of intelligence, however omitted EQ from these aspects!).  Personality tests have been created to measure EQ, including tests where respondents are shown faces with a range of expressions, however a card game like Funny Feeling allows adult and teen players to develop their EQ in fun and relaxed way.

The images on the right are from a prototype of the party game kindly provided by You and Me Games.