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Plant riddle in role-playing game

You can adapt this RPG idea to pretty much any RPG!

To create it find and print images of any of the following plants (or simply write the plant names).  Players climb down stairs to the middle of a circular room with many doors.  On each door is the image (or name) of a plant.  The descriptions below tell you what's in the room.  Choose whichever you like best.

RPG plant riddle

  • Bird of Paradise - Birds that will carry you high in the air
  • Forget-me-not - Save vs. temporary memory loss
  • Rose - Be carried to the next level
  • Flame tip - Magic sword that catches fire when undead beasts are near doing an extra 2d6 damage (if you use this, it could seem like a normal +1 sword at first and only become active when players encounter undead later.  Perhaps this happens when players are sleeping and they wake up to find that the sword's set fire to their backpack).
  • Foxglove - An intelligent fox wearing boxing gloves attacks the players
  • Lilac - An unlabeled potion rests in the room, which is a potion of truth, making it impossible to lie for 1 day.  When players pass through the room, it's also impossible for them to lie for one day (though they might not realize this until they try lying!  You could make it possible to lie, but you receive 1d6 damage every time you try.
  • Marigold - A hideous crone dressed in gold enchants players to fall in love with her.
  • Snapdragon - You can probably guess at this one!
  • Sunflower - a flower pot contains a magic flower that shines incredibly brightly, literally illuminating the land for a mile around.  The flower will need carrying carefully, watering, etc. to survive.
  • Apple - If players try entering this room, they're pulled back into the main circular room at the center.  There's a treasure chest at the other end, but it's impossible to reach.
  • Ash - Players must save vs. death or crumble to dust.
  • Beech - A portal between this room and the seaside (perhaps an area of the seaside surrounded by cliffs, just so that players have to re-enter the way they came).
  • Mango - A room containing urinals.
  • Maple - There's a treasure chest at the opposite end of the room.  If players enter this room, they must roll 1d20 three times, once when they enter the room, once when they're half way across and once when they open the treasure chest.  On 8 or less they're pulled out of the room.  If they just entered, they fall over, but receive no damage, if they're half way across they receive 1d6 damage and if they're all the way across, they receive 3d6 damage.  The chest contains 100 gold pieces and a ring of magnetism, that makes other races of the same species who you touch pass a save or fall in love with you for 1d12 minutes (the DM should roll in secret, so players don't know how long they have).
  • Nightshade - If it's nighttime, this room contains a vicious Shade, who attacks.
  • Walnut - Whenever players try to open the door, they instead find themselves nutting the wall next to it and knocking themselves unconscious briefly.

I hope you enjoy this RPG idea!