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Rising Cities Beginner's Guide

Rising cities Beginner's GuideThe following tips will help you get started when you're playing

Rising Cities – Beginner’s Guide


  1. In-Play Help

The icons on the left show in-play help and tell you what your next goal is.

Keep an eye on them to progress through the game quickly.


  1. Brushwood

Click on Brushwood and Trees to clear them away so you can build more houses and roads.


  1. Collecting Rent

Click on coins, keys or other icons on houses and buildings to collect rent or take some other action.  Normally you don’t need to click a house with no icon over it.


  1. Buying Land

Don’t be tempted to buy land too early in the game, save your money to build houses or other buildings on the land you already own.


  1. Designer Depot

Visit the Designer Depot to select which buildings to create.

Click the icons to the right to switch from houses to Manufacturing Facilities or Roads (you’ll need the other types of building later in the game).


  1. Metro Money

You get City Credits by collecting rent and through other game activities.  If you need more cash, Metro Money is available by converting real dollars into game credits.


  1. Level Up

As you advance in the game you’ll be able to create more buildings and have more options, so you can learn the game as you advance.