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D&D World Map - Dungeons and Dragons Map

You're welcome to use the map below for your own personal use and your own role-playing games and can print a PDF version of the D&D World Map.  Underneath the map I've written recommendations for where different level characters should start play and general descriptions of the different countries.

D&D World Map
Dungeons and Dragons Map

The above map is Copyright to Martin Woods, however you're welcome to use it as you wish for personal use.

It's a detailed world map for Dungeons and Dragons or other role-playing games, however most of the references to pages refer to old editions of Basic D&D, e.g. the D&D Creature Companion, which went out of print years ago.  Therefore, instead just use your own imagination to create encounters.  I always find having indications of not just cities and towns, but also monsters, major buildings and a general feel for the area makes creating role-playing adventures a lot easier!

I normally start low level players in Kastoria which is populated mainly by humans, dwarves and elves.  This gives you the opportunity to have some scale adventures in a fairly safe setting.  As players advance, you may set them up with an adventure to head over to Corvanor.  Here there be dragons and a magical wasteland where strange fluctuations of magic occur.  Newborn dragons can be 'impressed' when they first hatch and form a telepathic bonding and friendship with the person impressing them for life.  Mother dragons therefore closely guard their eggs and a newborn dragon needs its mothers milk to survive, however a few legendary dragon riders are known who have won an elder dragon's favour by undertaking some heroic deed.

North of Corvanor lies Izondia, a small country where a war-like race of humans dominate, many with rare magical gifts.  The College of Apparation is where flight and teleporation are taught and the college itself is composed of many levels around a central stairwell, with each level able to spin of its own accord.  Rumours of a mage intent on corrupting the College so it moves and attacks of its own accord abound.

An island near Izondia known as the Clasp of the Gods is closely guarded with towering walls and many magical protections.  This opens a dimensional portal between other planets and dimensions where only the most experienced adventurers might tread.

East of Izondia lies Ankara, as the role-playing map shows, this is densely populated by evil beings, including humans, cloud giants and the spirits of ancient evil beings that haunt the Forest of Lost Souls.

North of Ankara is the Wilderlands, where a range of monsters and beasts live and life is a constant struggle for survival.  There's plenty of role-playing opportunities in Ankara for shorter adventures, as each group of monsters is largely independent from each other, with many dungeons and lairs to explore.

Orsk on the North East of the map is a densely populated human-dominated country with many permanent army camps to keep the monsters from the Wilderlands out both to the South and North, with an army of undead camped to the North of Orsk, a battle that has raged for time immemorial, where the fallen soldiers of Orsk can quickly become their enemies when they rise from the dead.

Darnia is the final country, with many Dwarven settlements, include the rare Jennite's, a race of Dwarf clerics, determined to keep the monsters of the wastelands out of Darnia and also venture into the Northern wastelands to set-up mining camps and extract gold and other precious metals.

As you'll see. there's plenty of opportunities for exciting role-playing on this detailed world map, whether your a Dungeons and Dragons adventurer or for any other sort of fantasy role-playing.