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Role-Playing Riddle

This is a great RPG riddle to use in a game when players have a choice of junctions (e.g. three closed doors leading out of a cave).


Door one says:


I’ve a golden head, a golden tail too

With mighty wings and a breath of fire

Many dread my mighty strength

If you enter, admire and cower


Door two says:


I’ve a golden head, a golden tail too

Yet you’ll never see my head and tail together

I rest with many more like me

In a skin made of leather


Door three says:


I’ve a golden head, a golden tail too

With a transparent globe around me

Join me and you’ll cease to breathe

Yet I hold the key



Door one is obviously a dragon (if you cower and praise it it won’t attack).  Door two leads to a leather bag full of coins!  (If you think about it, you can never see the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ of a coin at the same time).  Door three leads to a goldfish in a large goldfish bowl, at the bottom of which lies a key that is easy to pick up and can be used later on in the game.


In the RPG players should be able to choose to go back and open another door.




Role-playing: It’s more than just a game

Since the advent of "Dungeons and Dragons", the world of role-playing games has continued to grow and transform so that it may integrate new technologies. Since we discovered their many virtues, their applications have multiplied. From simple recreational use, to its use for educational purposes, for psychotherapeutic work, and personal development. There are few people these days that have not experienced video gaming in one way or another.

The first RPGs were mostly intellectual concepts, and were not supported by mainstream media. The first role-playing game to make it big in the west had already had six versions of itself before it reached western shores. That game was Final Fantasy 7, and it was the seventh in the series but the first to make it big in the west. Many publishers were so sure that role-playing games with sandbox elements would never take off in the west, and Square Enix took a real chance when they launched seven in the west, yet it has turned into a billion dollar franchise for them.

Technology has made it easier visualize your connection with the movement within RPG games. Technology has made gaming even more exciting due to the extra physical commitment, be it via headsets, joy pads, microphones, etc. Gaming helps to combine the theatrical performance with a taste of extraordinary atmospheres.

The advantage of this type of practice has not escaped educators. Teaching history by showing people things via virtual reality has helped to create a deeper impact than a simple lecture is able. It is possible to reproduce Waterloo, and children are able to try to change the course of history. This often fascinates students and helps them to better understand how armies, alliances and tactics work.

It is possible to reproduce the past or present in a context that is governed by specific rules. It is interesting and allows students to understand such concepts better. Some psychotherapeutic movements use this type of technique to analyze people untie the knots of human behaviour for a better understanding.

The virtual world of computing is ideal for role-playing. The limits of each world are only limited by the imagination of designers. The first games available left little choice for the player, and they were often forced to follow a railroaded path. Then internet protocols allowed the arrival of multi-player games, where several teams could do battle. Massively multiplayer games (MMORG) were joined by hundreds of participants at the same time.